Big Data

Which IT professionals are HK banks looking for?

Nurdianah Md Nur

In general, employers want candidates who are able to demonstrate self-awareness, are curious, have an appetite for risk-taking to solve problems, and are adept at presenting their ideas and sharing their knowledge, says Dean Stallard, Regional Director of Hays in Hong Kong.

3 keys to keep your data lake from becoming a data swamp

Thor Olavsrud

Data lakes can store all your business data with ease, but beware: That massive repository can get bogged down, choking off your users. Here’s how to prevent your data lake from turning into a data swamp.

Solix empowers a data-driven world: Sai Gundavelli

Sejuti Das

Sai Gundavelli, founder and CEO at Solix Technologies, discusses how the company empowers businesses to monetize data effectively, efficiently and safely to become a true data-driven company.