Big Data

3 keys to keep your data lake from becoming a data swamp

Thor Olavsrud

Data lakes can store all your business data with ease, but beware: That massive repository can get bogged down, choking off your users. Here’s how to prevent your data lake from turning into a data swamp.

Solix empowers a data-driven world: Sai Gundavelli

Sejuti Das

Sai Gundavelli, founder and CEO at Solix Technologies, discusses how the company empowers businesses to monetize data effectively, efficiently and safely to become a true data-driven company.

Driving Innovation with Legacy Systems in FSI

Richard Pain

Complex legacy IT systems can inhibit digital transformation. To learn how to tackle this challenge, we speak with innovation expert Thunaiselvam Ramasamy, Chief Architect at Juniper Networks.

IBM in Malaysia: Will AI replace humans?


'Watson has already been put to the test to diagnose cancer, detect autism, advance early childhood education, transform banking practices, improve farming practices and invent new recipes,' said Chong Chye Neo.