Madanjit’s promise: Customers at heart of everything that we do


Concur Xchange - Malaysia

Photo - SAP Concur managing director (Southeast Asia) Madanjit Singh (far right) with (from left to right) his Concur colleagues regional account executive Bethanie Beh and enterprise sales head Laura Houldsworth, Head, together with DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services managing director Ross Mackay.


SAP Concur managing director (Southeast Asia) Madanjit Singh today told a packed ballroom here in Kuala Lumpur that customer success and "making them successful" is the motivating factor that ensures the company continues to innovate and share expertise with industry.

"I am personally held responsible for customer success at Concur," said Madanjit. "Customers is at the heart of everything we do: From how we design our user experience to how we measure success, our ultimate goal is to provide solutions our customers need and want."

He was delivering the opening address at the SAP ConcurXchange event which was overwhelmingly received by customers, partners and industry players. Concur is an enterprise software company that was acquired by SAP in 2014 and world renowned for simplifying travel, expense and invoice management for total visibility and greater control.

Madanjit elaborated on how "customer experience" comprises two parts: The buyer's journey followed by the customer journey which consists of, amongst others, adoption and optimisation.

Transitioning to the Cloud

"Innovation and expertise equates to value," he said, adding that having the necessary implementation methodology is integral to any desired solution.

Madanjit Singh - SAP Concur

Madanjit (pic above) also said that "SAP Concur is the safest and shortest distance between business transitioning to the cloud.

"The SAP Concur cloud-based solution is designed to meet the needs of any global business and offers a sophisticated - yet simple - way to manage expense, travel, and invoice that scales with any-sized business," he said. "Our cloud is built using modern architectural patterns designed to provide security, reliability, and scale."

Meanwhile, its travel services department head (Asia-Pacific and Greater China) Carl Jones (pic below) emphasised that hyper-connectivity is resulting in a shift toward greater mass personalisation of products and services.

"More and more companies are using sophisticated algorithms to understand their customers better and tailoring their products to specific needs," he said, adding that algorithms, in combination with collaborative analysis, are keys to driving sales.

Carl Jones  - SAP Concur

The future of travel

On the travel front, and for the travel manager, visibility of spend is now an expected standard, he said.

"For the travel manager, predictive analytics can help them manage travel policies in real time, together with managing budgets," he added. "What's more, for high level policy guidance, 'what if' scenarios can easily be predicted on MIS."

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