Who runs the workplace? Millennials

Kunacillan Nallappan, Marketing Director, APAC, F5 Networks

This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter's approach.

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Let's face it, millennials are shaking up the world of work as we know it-and there is no stopping them. Ten years ago, who would have imagined an office without dedicated desks, along with instant voice and video communication with colleagues from other ends of the world? As evolving end-user experiences drive the need for faster and smarter enterprises, digital natives today are making it clear that integrating the latest technologies into the workplace is the way to go.

Digital natives, better known as Millennials, have earned a rather unfavorable reputation for being entitled and lazy. But recent articles by The Economist and Forbes have debunked misconceptions, exclaiming instead how millennials could possibly be the most hard-working demographic of today's workforce-if they are given the workplace that meets their needs.

Sixty percent of the top 1,000 enterprises in the region have already made digital transformation the engine of their growth strategy. With the increasing number of millennials in their workforce and the downward trend of job loyalty, it is time companies in Asia Pacific--soon to become home to more than half of the world's millennials--rethink their business models to attract and retain top talent.

What should businesses keep in mind when designing the workplace of the future?

1. Connect, collaborate and conquer: Real-time communication. Nifty soundbites. Quick actionable insights. Millennials want to do a lot in as little time as possible. They demand two-way feedback at their fingertips, and to be able to instantly connect, engage, and collaborate. What they need are fast, smart applications that can make communication instantaneous and jumping through hoops within internal networks a thing of the past.

2. Anywhere. Anytime.: Millennials cannot, and will not, be tied down. They rearrange their day at a moment's notice and have fluid schedules. Empower them with access to information so they can work on the go, at any hour of their day. If your work environment becomes as flexible as they are, it's a match made in heaven.

3. Device-athon: The more devices the better. Millennials are dedicated to producing maximum output with the least amount of input and are constantly engaging with multiple devices to get them there. They embrace the blurred lines between personal life and professional work as they tap away into the same gadget for both purposes. Adopt the BYOD model, minimise the approval process for IT-then watch productivity soar.   

4. Need for speed: Nothing is too fast for millennial worker. Redefine security perimeters across all applications and devices to ensure that sluggish security scans and disruptive breaches do not break the momentum. Millennials love to get moving fast, so deliver them a seamless working experience, and watch them add value to your business. 

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