Anaplan wows its customers and partners at its annual conference in Singapore

Zafar Anjum

Fred lalu

Frederic Laluyaux, President and CEO of Anaplan 

On 18 March, Anaplan held 'hub15', its annual conference of partners and customers, for the first time in Singapore.

Anaplan is the planning cloud for Finance, Sales, Operations and HR. The company already has a reputation in Finance but it is now making a noticeable impact across sales, operations, and HR.

The idea behind this event was to celebrate Anaplan's hypergrowth in Asia Pacific and to share the success stories and the potential of Anaplan's software to help companies in the region, said Samir Neji, Managing Director, Anaplan, APAC.

The company, though founded only in 2006 by its Chief Architect and CTO Michael Gould, has made impressive progress in the last couple of years. It reported a 91% customer growth rate for 2014 and its bookings increased at a growth rate of 230% year-on-year.

Headquartered in San Francisco, this privately-held company has now 13 offices globally, the newest ones in Russia and Malaysia. Its Hub Conference takes place now in five cities globally. The company boasts of a strong list of global, Fortune 500 companies as clients such as HP, P&G and Aviva. It has over 300 employees globally.

Why Anaplan is so successful?

"There are 600 million info workers today in the world," said Frederic Laluyaux, President and CEO of Anaplan in a media briefing on 17 March, one day ahead of the Hub conference. "There are decision-makers who are modeling, doing sales forecasting, budgeting and incentivizing (their sales teams) using our tool."

"Anaplan is a calculation engine in the cloud that enables people to calculate in real time, manage complexity and resolve business issues," he said, explaining the company's raison d'etre.

At the heart of the Anaplan platform is their patented HyperBlock Architecture, "a blazing fast, in-memory data calculation engine."

Gould founded the company in 2006 after leaving his job at a blue chip company. He had realized that the existing vendor architecture simply could not support the next generation of planning software. The circumstances were ripe for a new kind of planning tool-ubiquitous, inexpensive, easy to set up and ready to take advantage of the new compute powers readily available to people-in-memory computing, 64 bit multicore processing, database innovation and  SaaS delivery.

Michael started his company with a small team, using 5-6 developers. The company has been growing steadily, supported by several rounds of venture funds, including funding from Salesforce and Workday. Laluyaux joined the company in 2012 as CEO.

A Hypergrowth company

Anaplan began to see hyper-growth in 2012-2013. With models of up to 1 trillion cells deployed across the globe, Anaplan opened offices in Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Singapore in that period.

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