Hong Kong’s Silverhorn streamlines asset management

Adrian M. Reodique

asset management
Credit: Graphicstock 

Silverhorn, a wealth management boutique in Hong Kong, is leveraging Mioying Technology's (MioTech) artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform to streamline the investment process for their clients.

The big data asset management platform is integrated with a graph database that allows asset managers to combine custodian, fund admin, market price, and micro and macroeconomics data to form a complete knowledge map. This allows the asset manager to do parallel computing.

In addition, asset managers can monitor the assets and market irregularities in real-time using the report tool in the platform. They can also access in-depth insights into investments and portfolios using the analytics engine.

As such, asset managers can use the platform's mobile app to check the assets and transactions, as well as build personalised report for their clients.

"[MioTech's] innovative platform gives us the ability to visualise our sophisticated investment philosophy and share the outcome with our clients on the same platform. This will help to facilitate insightful and focused conversations with our clients in a way that no others could," said Mike Imam, managing partner & CEO of Silverhorn.