Why European analytics specialist CXS has moved to Malaysia


Datuk Yasmin Mahmood and Jan Lambrechts of CXS

Photo: (From left) Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of MDEC; and Jan Lambrechts, CEO of CXS International (CXS).


  In the current era of disruption, the story of why and how an Industry 4.0 education specialist has recently moved its headquarters from Norway to Malaysia highlights certain compelling strategic keys.

When interviewed in mid-December, Jan Lambrechts, chief executive officer of CXS International - known as CXS Analytics Sdn Bhd (CXS) in Malaysia - explained that this move is the result of a re-domiciling initiative under national agency MDEC's (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation's) Digital Malaysia agenda to transform Malaysia into a developed, digitised nation.

In this first part of a deep dive into MDEC's re-domiciling strategy, Lambrechts started to unveil CXS's expansion story. "We've had fantastic success in Scandinavia where our solutions have helped change the way people learn and work," said Lambrechts. "As learning analytics company focused on helping nations shape their workforce for the ever-changing needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we provide big data and data analytics tools focused on education and workforce of the future."

What CXS offers is a full suite of profiling, learning analytics and validated research tools. The aim, which falls into synch with Malaysia's Industry 4.0 goals, is to connect education and employability data to provide insights that could revitalise economies and workforce for today and beyond.

Last year, the company was in the ideation stage of expansion strategies, Lambrechts said. "Now, we want to bring these transformative solutions into Asia."

More details of CXS's next move came to light in September this year at CXS 's inaugural Global Partner Conference for Southeast Asia.

Jan Lambrechts - CXS

Photo: "I can't think of any other country in this region where we could get similar levels of support and commitment from government and business to help us realise this ambition." - Jan Lambrechts, CEO, CXS.

Gateway into Asia

During the regional conference, CXS officially announced that it is moving its global headquarters to Malaysia under Digital Malaysia's re-domiciling initiative.

A 7,000 square foot space in Cyberjaya will house our global headquarters, said Lambrechts, who also confirmed that the company plans to build Malaysia's first Talent Development Digital Hub, which will be powered by big data analytics to help prepare and align talent for a digitally disrupted world.

The conference, which drew together 19 global partners, also saw the signing of an agreement with SEDANIA Innovator as CXS' first Malaysia reseller and technology transfer partner, in a move that will help to scale up in local markets looking for talent analytics.

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