Zumata's AI-powered chatbot to help Asian companies improve customer service

Nurdianah Md Nur

Android with chat bubbles
Credit: GraphicStock

Zumata has launched an AI-powered chatbot to help companies in Asia provide better customer service.

Unlike traditional chatbots that require customers to ask questions in a certain way or include specific keywords for them to give accurate answers, Zumata's chatbot leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to interact with customers in a conversational, "human" way. Customers can thus ask the same question in different ways but the system will still be able to reply with accurate responses and handle multiple scenarios.

The chatbot currently has strong native support for English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and many European languages. Other languages are made possible through AI translation. The chatbot is also able to understand a variety of spoken languages using speech-to-text processing, and will reply through text-to-speech support, according to Zumata.

Besides that, the chatbot is trained to recognise variety of different user intentions, including local lingos and emojis. It is also able to detect tonality, and can transfer the customer to live support if it detects that the user is confused or anxious.

"Our AI-powered chatbot goes beyond picking up keywords. It analyses the sentence structure to determine actions and objects, and can learn to understand requests beyond those it has been specifically taught," a Zumata spokesperson told Computerworld Singapore.  

Josh Ziegler, CEO of Zumata, added:  "Our chatbot platform is an industry-agnostic tool that can provide instant, automated, and most importantly, genuine customer engagement for businesses. I believe it will completely transform the way that businesses interact with consumers."

The launch of the AI-driven chatbot is part of Zumata's expansion into Asia. In addition, the company recently established a new and bigger headquarters in Singapore to further help companies in the region digitally transform to remain competitive.