NTUC Income launches AI-powered personal travel insurance concierge on Facebook messenger

Nayela Deeba

travel insurance
Credit: Freerange

Singapore consumers can now turn to Jiffy Jane to get advice on the best travel insurance for them.

Jiffy Jane is a chatbot on Facebook messenger that is developed by travel technology company Zumata for NTUC Income, an insurer in Singapore.

Designed as a personal travel insurance concierge, Jiffy Jane is able to understand natural/human language and quickly provide accurate responses. This means that customers do not need to ask questions in a particular manner or use specific keywords to get the information they need from the chatbot.

Jiffy Jane will prompt customers for information related to their travel destination, departure date and trip when they initiate a chat with it on Facebook Messenger. Thereafter, it will analyse the information provided and suggest travel insurance options for customers to review and choose.

Customers can then purchase the desired insurance plan via Jiffy Jane as it accepts payments.  

NTUC Income soft launched Jiffy Jane on 1 August 2017. To date, the bot has engaged in 1,100 chat sessions with 780 unique users. Those conversations have led to 30 completed travel insurance transactions.

Commenting on the chatbot, NTUC Income's chief operating officer Peter Tay said: "Jiffy Jane on Facebook Messenger complements consumers' increasingly mobile-first lifestyle, serving up à la minute travel insurance options for instant purchases when requested 24/7. Income sees the potential that Jiffy Jane has to disrupt the travel insurance industry in a positive way... [such that] the customers' experience with insurance is made simpler, more accessible and most importantly, relevant to all."