Privacy, cybercrime and the law in a post-ransomware world

Jack Ow, Intellectual Property & Technology Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP

In an age where data has become a valuable commodity that is the object of cybercrime, organisations and cybersecurity professionals must work within applicable legal frameworks in preventing, detecting and responding to cybercrime and cyber-attacks.

How to stop wasting money on security shelfware

Doug Drinkwater

Investing in security tools that end-up on the shelf or underutilised is not inevitable, and it can be reduced or even eliminated by some proactive and surprisingly simple first steps.

What we can learn from the Lazarus attacks

Alex Taverner, Asia-Pacific head of commercial cyber services at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Alex Taverner of BAE Systems shares a few lessons CISOs can learn from the recent Lazarus attacks to help them direct their increased security investment wisely.

Human weakness enabling financial cybercrime

Taylor Armerding

A Boston police detective told the Boston Fed’s 2017 Cybersecurity Conference that one reason cybercrime is rampant is because victims make it too easy.

8 ways to manage an internet or security crisis

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

IT, communications and security experts share tips on what to do when your business is hit with an IT-related disaster, such as a cyberattack, an ecommerce site crash or a software failure.

BPI faces internal system error

Adrian M. Reodique

[Updated] The error that caused some transactions between 27 April and 2 May to be double-posted on 6 June has been fixed; access to ATMs and electronic channels restored.