Staff Management

Who runs the workplace? Millennials

Kunacillan Nallappan, Marketing Director, APAC, F5 Networks

With millennials set to take over the workplace soon, what should businesses keep in mind when designing the workplace of the future? F5 Networks' Kunacillan Nallappan shares his thoughts.

How IT leaders can get everyone involved in cybersecurity

Adrian M. Reodique

Cybersecurity is everyone’s business, but how can IT leaders get both of the employees and management work together to strengthen the organisation’s cyber defence? We find out from panellists at the Computerworld Philippines Security Summit.

Six Predictions for the Future of Work in 2017

Jimmy Fitzgerald, Vice President, Asia-Pacific & Japan, ServiceNow

Some of these changes will take us out of our comfort zones, at first. But many changes we will welcome with open arms and wonder how we ever got anything done without them.

10 companies with employee benefits you won't believe

Sarah K. White

Tech companies keep upping the ante to attract new talent and keep current employees happy, and in the process, they've manage to change how businesses approach benefits. These 10 companies haven't stopped at free food and fitness reimbursements.

How to use gamification to improve employee engagement

Sarah K. White

The sophomore slump doesn't just happen to college students and professional athletes. It happens in the workplace, too. Once the high of a new job wears off, many workers are left feeling disengaged. But the key to ongoing engagement may lie in gamification.

Asian CEOs prioritise soft skills

Anuradha Shukla

More important than hard skills for their business in the future, according to The Economist Corporate Network.

4 employee benefits that will improve retention

Sarah K. White

Benefits are one of the biggest ways companies attract and retain talent. In addition to high-profile perks such as free food and flex time, do your employees even know about the more traditional benefits your company offers?

Capital One CIO finds tech talent at Grace Hopper conference

Clint Boulton

Rob Alexander attended the popular conference to meet with seasoned tech workers and college students interested in pursuing technology as well as to support the 200 Capital One employees showing off the bank’s products at the event.