Crazy Snippets About Casinos And Gambling

Crazy Snippets About Casinos And Gambling

Casinos have certainly been a massive source of all kinds of interesting legends, maths and also some very interesting stories, some of which are really hard to believe. A lot of people have said that they are too good to be true. Some of them are not even fathomable. There are some stories that have given me tremendous doubt in the industry as well. There are some stories which say that a man won $25,000 from one swipe on a slot machine. There are so many absurd things that happen in casinos, and I will be talking about certain things in this particular article. Some of the facts are really interesting, and some of them will get you wondering about the casino industry.

Strap in for some crazy stories.

  1. This first one is definitely disgusting. Some people have actually been known to make use of adult diapers to make sure that that hot streak keeps going. This translates to very disgusting and pathetic personal hygiene.
  2. The casinos in Japan or actually exploiting a huge legal loophole to get their gambling quota done.
  3. Monaco, one of the world’s most famous casino spots, prohibits the locals from playing in the casino.
  4. The founder of FedEx actually saved the entire company with the help of gambling in casinos in Las Vegas. Here is the inspiring story. The company had only $5000 left, in the year 1973. He decided to risk it all and flew to Las Vegas, and he gambled with all of it. The gambling paid off and he won $27,000 in a game of blackjack. He ended up saving the company, with the money that he won. The company became hugely profitable just three years after this. Patience and hard work always pays off.
  5. If you are someone who has a gambling problem or a gambling addiction and if you recognise it, you can actually choose to prohibit yourself from any casino. You can instruct the casino to prohibit you from entering, for as long as you want. You can choose how long you want to be prohibited on to the premises. It can be five years, 10 years, 20 years or even lifetime ban is issued. You should make sure that you are absolutely certain about banning yourself for life, because there is no going back after it is done.
  6. A lot of gambling addicts have been known to get very excited on the casino floor and actually soiled themselves. This is because they have been unable to control themselves. This is very problematic for the maintenance staff. You should also know that the casino floor normally has carpet and it is a very horrible cleaning job to do.
  7. Did you know that the sandwich was actually invented in a casino? A player who was on a hot streak, who didn’t want to leave the gambling table instructed a chef to make him some food that he can eat with just one hand. The chef put some meat and veggies in between two pieces of bread, and that is how the sandwich was born.

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