Some Incredibly Surprising Things About Casinos

Some Incredibly Surprising Things About Casinos

Casinos have actually been an amazing source of a lot of interesting stories and certain myths as well. A lot of stories have actually originated from societies where it is illegal to gamble. As you know, casino gambling is illegal in a lot of countries in the world. If you think about it, the number of casinos is actually skyrocketing nowadays. It is spiking at an unbelievable amount. Most of the states in the United States of America have also started making casinos legal. They are making it legal because of its popularity.

There are still some states where gambling is illegal, but this particular number is a plummeting as the days go by. Even in the coronavirus pandemic, people did not stop gambling. People still went to gamble on online casino sites. The best part about online casino sites are that they can be accessed from anywhere.

In this guide, I’m going to be talking about some very surprising things about gambling and casinos.

  1. Did you know that card counting is actually a legal strategy? It is a strategy that can be used to account for all of the cards that have been dealt into the game and the cards which are remaining in the deck. It is a legal strategy in the game of blackjack, but it is frowned upon. Card counting is something that will actually get you thrown out of the casino. In a lot of cases, they have banned people who have been caught counting cards. A very famous example is Ben Affleck being banned from the Hard Rock Cafe casino in Las Vegas. He was caught counting cards.
  2. In the state of Nevada, gambling is the most popular thing that you can do, and it is definitely obvious, because Las Vegas is located in Nevada. It is also surprising to note that the state prison in Nevada had a casino. From 1932 to 1967, 435 years, the present inmates actually played blackjack, craps and even poker. Because of a new warden, in the year 1967, they shut down the present casino.
  3. The very first casino license in Las Vegas was actually issued to a woman in the year 1920. She had five games in her casino. She had poker, 500, low ball poker, start poker and bridge.
  4. Did you know that Las Vegas is NOT the gambling capital of the world? The gambling capital of the planet is actually Macau in China.
  5. The very first slot machine was invented in the year 1895. It was invented by a mechanic in San Francisco. It was not actually intended for casinos. The man who invented it actually used to let his customers play on the slot machine, when they were waiting for their vehicles to get repaired in his auto shop. A little bit after that, slot machines exploded, figuratively speaking. Now, slot machines are one of the biggest earners for casinos outside, physical casinos and online casinos alike.

These were some of the most surprising things about casinos and gambling that were actually fun to write about.

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