The Rise of Online Gambling in the Asia Pacific

The Rise of Online Gambling in the Asia Pacific

Gambling has grown to become a worldwide fad with millions aspiring to make a living out of the rotating wheels and rolling dice. Demographics witnessed a considerable rise over the past few decades by paving the way to the current trend. With the advent of online casinos, the conditions surrounding the gambling industry took a drastic turn to hit immense popularity. The benefits offered by the digital platforms are way more than that of the casinos that root into the soil. This factor of online casinos has made plenty of fans to discard the concept of getting suited up for a gamble and has adapted to the practice of trying their luck on the compact screens. When looking at the growth figures of gambling on digital platforms, an impressive rise in the numbers has been recorded all over the globe. On considering the biggest continent Asia, the growth has been highly noteworthy, and to be specific, the Asia Pacific region has been a prosperous zone for casinos.

Transcending the Sin City

Considering the growth rate of the industry over the past few years, casinos have started surfacing more in number across the Asia Pacific. Revenue generated by the gambling industry in this region is reportedly higher than that of the Las Vegas casinos. The changes brought about in the regulations over gambling made the area fertile for casinos. Gambling was legalized in the Asia Pacific in the recent past to witness an annual growth which rose gradually to be among the top places on the list. Macau kickstarted the era of transformation from scratches to luxuries, which took place in 2006. Many countries in the region contributed abundantly towards shooting the industry higher on the table.



Singapore surpassed the Las Vegas Strip’s annual gambling revenue in 2013 to set another benchmark for the industry to aim at. Speculations of the Asia-Pacific casino industry earning about six times the revenue of Las Vegas did not meet the standards but did surely get close to that point. Japan’s integrated resorts witnessed a massive expansion right after the legalization of gambling in the Asia Pacific.


Online Gambling in Various Countries

Cheap rates and high population has put the casinos at the top on the list of the highest revenue-generating businesses. Avenues have always been created over the years for every country to develop specific standards within the industry to come out successful. In China, mah-jong, casino games such as poker, and sports betting on the unlicensed sites are illegal. Macau, the Vegas of Asia, has a different set of rules to run the industry, which fueled the growth of casinos here. Europeans and Americans are excited all through the year to visit the Macau casino to have an Asian taste of luck. Since gambling remains illegal in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, citizens of these countries alone are enough to keep the Macau world of gambling rolling.

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